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Sunspring’s love flying to Česko
Release date:2020-10-12

You may be very familiar with the famous writer Milan Kundera, then his hometown Czech Republic. Milan Kundera's best-known piece is the “Unbearrable Lightness of Being”. We don't want life to be Unbearrable Lightness. We want life to be full of love and hope. Like the name of our company Sunspring, it symbolizes hope and love.

Sunspring has been committed to bringing China's high-quality medical products and services to all corners of the world. This time, our product foot drop rehab system DC-L-500 will go to beautiful ry - Česko, a beautiful and developed EU ry.


Foot drop rehab system is a kind of medical device specially used to assist foot drop crowd in walking and recovery training. It can solve the problem of Unbearrable Lightness for these physically disabled people.

Sunspring's DC-L-500 foot drop device is easy to use, lightweight and reliable. It also can be connected to the APP on mobile phone for easy control.

At the beginning of Sunspring establishment, adhering to the concept of serving the world's medical industry, We has been expanding China's Top line medical products to the world and making contributions to the world's medical health. We look forward to your cooperation.